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What makes Private Blog Networks Regarded Bad for Backlinks?


A private community refers to a system that includes multiple sites or websites, being handled by a single company or person. Why do people choose for constructing private blog networks? It’s pretty evident – for designating back links to a larger site that are referred to as the « money sites ».

At the moment, one way links are considered very important in growing a site’s presence and its Google ratings. Building backlinks on a community is a means through which they can obtain better rankings. How? As they raise the site’s authority through backlinks, this will definitely contribute to growing the influence of the inbound links placed on the

To be more precise, this is how the entire idea of private blog networks came from. You design high-quality websites; they may be highly ranked, and later, you can use them as a method of implementing backlinks to your central site. Good aspect to constructing a personal blog network is that you are in control of everything – content, sites and links.

Unwanted effects to blog networks

Following having invested a substantial amount of money in constructing your blog network, the odds are you will have managed to earn plenty of money. So, what is it which enables them bad for backlinks, and what are the side effects fastened?

The risks

While there are plenty of SEO experts that are extremely careful when constructing a blog community, there are still a lot of risks. Even with plenty of planning, the risks outweigh the so-called rewards.

First of all, creating a community costs a considerable sum of money. Each site that you include should be effectively place up, which requires a lot of money. Certainly not to mention the number of work that is involved. Although what are those challenges we’re talking about? Very well, to commence with, we have the dreaded Yahoo penalties.

Google warnings point out that blog network sites are liable to get penalized because of « thin content » or other reasons. In this respect, Google and bing has begun penalizing sites that encompassed links approaching from them. Google also regularly updates its codes. In this direction, it is assumed that it has established developed to settle which sites obtain backlinks from private blog networks.

Building a blog network imminently involves a significant amount of tiresome work. First, you have the domain research, after, you need to established up the site, not forgetting all the tracking you need to do.

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